Welcome To The Ninth

Greetings my fellow Echoes. This is Ninoy broadcasting from a wormhole in space. Lately my brain has been bombarded with ideas and reflections about all the things that had been happening in the surroundings of this thing called “Life”.So the urge to speak my mind no pun intended has been inevitable. That’s why I decided to create this vehicle of conversation/communication called “blog”. So a lot of stuff will be put on this table based on different interests, issues and topics that I feel passionate about.

So to give you an idea of what you might expect to read on this blog, let me tell you a thing or two about myself.

If you noticed from my opening paragraph, I used the word “wormhole”. So it’s a no brainer that science will be one of the topics to be talked about. Especially in the world of Physics and Quantum Mechanics. And just to be clear I have no degree of science education whatsoever. I’m just a fan of science. So the topic of science will be touched in the form reposting science articles from different sources that I may find interesting.

Music is my first and foremost main passion. I’m a musician and composer. I’ve been playing bass guitar for over 27 years and electric and acoustic guitar for over 25 years. In the music world I’m known as the Saint Of The Echo (Now you know where does the word “Echo” comes from) I compose in various styles of music from Electronic, Industrial, and Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal being my favorite genre. If you’re interested in giving my music a try. You can go to my Soundcloud page, Last Fm , Facebook or follow me on Twitter. The links to these pages are listed on this blog.

My family is right there in the exact same place where music is when it comes to passions. So my family will be one of the topics I’ll be talking about. And my next blog post will touch the topic of my family based on recent events.

At this point you should realize how much of a geek I am. I mean Science and Music?? Come on!!. So Technology will be a topic and that may be intertwined with the science topic from time to time. But the topic related to technology that you’ll see the most will come from the realm of.. yeap.. you guessed it. Video Games. I’m a confessed, hardcore videogamer. Especially in the Xbox realm. In fact you’ll see how close my both my passions for music and video games had become.

Now you may wonder. “What’s the deal with the number 9??. Well believe it or not that’s where the spiritual/pantheistic side of me comes afloat. If you’ve never heard the term pantheistic before, I will explain it in one of the near future posts. But to give you an idea of what the number 9 means to me and to many other people. The number 9 is said to be the ruler of the laws of nature and The Universe. And I’m totally convinced that science and spirituality/philosophy share some kind of bond. A realm that science hasn’t touched yet. Or have they?? and for some reason the scientific community doesn’t want to admit it and rapidly closes the issue with the term “Pseudo-Science”. That’s also where the topic of consciousness emerges. The discussion of consciousness between the scientific community and the philosophic one is being treated like the issue of who came first…The Chicken or the Egg?? But that’s material for an entire blog post.

So as you can see this blog will not be a specialty type of blog like cooking or fashion or gardening. And by no means I am not trying to diminish the importance and the interest that a lot of people have in those type of blogs. I’m a firm believer that nothing is good or bad, better or worse, interesting or not interesting as long as somebody has a genuine and conscious interest in the topic and could do good things in their favor and in the favor of others.

So as of now, The Ninth Echo is officially open and you’re more than welcome to join me on this trip through this wormhole. A Joyride??? Maybe..Maybe not. But an very interesting ride?? To me already that’s an understatement.

Many Blessings and Good Vibrations



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